Olympic 2018 qualification announcement
published : 16 May 17 8:02 AM

Ski and Snowboard Association of Thailand – Officical Announcement
Issuance 1/2560
Subject: Selection of Thai National Athlete Criterions to Participate in the 23rd Winter Olympics in South

The Ski and Snowboard Association of Thailand was successfully registered as a sports association under the Thai Sports Authority Act BE 2558. Its main purpose is to carry out skiing and snowboarding activities on behalf of Thailand. Continue reading “Olympic 2018 qualification announcement”

Freestyle skiing
published : 20 Apr 17 9:08 AM

Freestyle skiing is an artistic competition performing aerial acrobatics while freely gliding down a slope, and because of its diversified nature, an analogy is often drawn with a circus on the snow. Unlike Alpine Skiing where athletes compete for speed, Freestyle Skiing characteristically allows athletes to compete in aerial skills such as back flips and twists. The Olympic Winter Games include 10 freestyle skiing events: Moguls, Aerials, Ski Halfpipe, Ski Cross, and Ski Slopestyle. Continue reading “Freestyle skiing”