Nordic Combined
published : 20 Apr 17 8:50 AM

Nordic Combined brings cross-country and ski jumping together. It originated from a 19th century Norwegian ski festival where athletes enjoyed a package of cross-country skiing and ski jumping and was officially adopted as an event starting from the 1st Olympic Winter Games. Since each athlete must carry out both ski jumping, which requires high technique and audacity, and cross country skiing, which takes great physical strength, it is one of the toughest ski disciplines and offers only men’s competition and not one for women. The Olympic Winter Games includes three events.


Type of competition


In Individual, there are two events:  Ski jumping normal hill + 10km cross-country skiing; and ski jumping large hill and 10km cross-country skiing.

The ski jumping competition runs first and then is followed by cross-country skiing based on the results of the ski jumping competition.

The athlete who has the best results in ski jumping leads the start and is followed by next best athletes, four seconds later for each single point.

10km cross-country skiing takes four laps around a 2.5km course, and the first athlete who finishes the course by arriving at the finish line is the winner.

Team Competition

Four-person teams compete over a 5km course comprised of a combination of large hill ski jumping and cross-country skiing.

Four athletes perform ski jumping first and then based on their results, proceed with cross-country skiing.

In cross-country skiing, the team that comes up with the best results in ski jumping leads the start and is followed by the successive best athletes, 1.33 seconds later for each single point.

The same four athletes cover the ski jumping large hill and cross-country skiing. One athlete skis a 5km cross-country course before passing on to the next. The first team whose fourth athlete crosses the finish line wins.