Thailand team to olympic winter game 2018
published : 11 Nov 17 10:17 AM

11 Nov 2017 Ski and Snowboard Association of Thailand athletes has qualified for Winter Olympic Game 2018 on FIS website (Will be official announce from Winter Olympic Organizer this coming January)

1. Mr. Mark Chanloung
2. Ms. Karen Chanloung
3. Mr. Nicola Zanon

info from FIS website Olympic FIS Point LIST simulation.

Cross Country


SSAT hope fully to get a full seat of Cross Country 2 athlete and Ski Alpine 2 athlete, one men one ladies

if you interest to go and see Thailand team performance in this game please save this calendar in you pocket, let cheer with us.

Thailand Team Schedule in winter Olympic Game 2018

Detail schedule

9-Feb-18 Opening Ceremony – PyeongChang Olympic Stadium
10-Feb-18 Cross Country Alpensia 16:15-17:15 Ladies 7.5 km/7.5 km Skiathlon
11-Feb-18 Break
12-Feb-18 Alpine Yongpyeong Resort Ski resort 10:15-12:15, 13:45-15:25 Ladies Giant Slalom
13-Feb-18 Cross Country Alpensia 17:30-18:45, 20:00-21:50
Men & Ladies Individual sprint Classic
14-Feb-18 Alpine Yongpyeong Resort Ski resort 10:15-11:30, 13:45-14:55 Ladies Slalom
15-Feb-18 Cross Country Alpensia 15:30-17:10 Ladies 10 km Free
16-Feb-18 Cross Country Alpensia 15:00-16:45 Men  15 km Free
17-Feb-18 Break
18-Feb-18 Alpine Yongpyeong Resort Ski resort 10:15-12:15, 13:45-15:25 Men Giant Slalom
19-Feb-18 Break
20-Feb-18 Break
21-Feb-18 Break
22-Feb-18 Alpine Yongpyeong Resort Ski resort 10:15-11:30, 13:30-15:10 Men Slalom
23-Feb-18 Break
24-Feb-18 Cross Country Alpensia 14:00-17:00 Men 50 km Mass Start Classic
25-Feb-18 Cross Country Alpensia 15:15-17:15 Ladies 30 km Mass Start Classic
Closing Ceremony – PyeongChang Olympic Stadium

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